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5 Health Hacks to Love Your Gut Better


Have you suffered digestive or gastrointestinal disorders and are looking for ways to love your gut better? You will find this list interesting. Get in here.


The gastrointestinal tract is the pathway that allows the digestive system to process food and pass out waste. It runs from the mouth through the anus. And this means that a problem with the gastrointestinal tract can affect every other organ and system of digestion and the body at large. Because when there’s a problem with digestion, the processing of food needed to keep the body working would be affected.

So, stay glued. In maintaining a healthy gut, bacteria and microbiomes have to be balanced. How? We will show you these five ways to love your gut better. Of course, we will leave you with a bonus at the end.

Don’t abuse antibiotics

While antibiotics fight against bacterial infection, you must also know that they sometimes kill the good bacteria that are needed for the well-being of the gastrointestinal tract alongside the bad ones. That is why it is advisable to take antibiotics only on prescription. Don’t just jump on antibiotics. Seek medical advice first.

Get adequate hydration

The importance of hydration cuts across several organs and systems of the body and the guts are not left out. You cannot love your gut better without loving water, as it is a prerequisite for a healthy gut. Constant hydration helps regulate bowel movement and ease digestion while preventing constipation, bloating diarrhoea, and other digestive disorders.

Cut down alcohol intake

Besides damaging the tissues of your mouth, oesophagus, and liver, excessive consumption of alcohol can eventually damage your digestive system as an increase in consumption is known to put more work on the digestive system. If completely stopping alcohol is difficult for you, then you should consider cutting back on the quantity you consume.

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Get enough sleep

Science shows there is a link between sleep and gut health. Amongst many ways to deal with stress, sleep happens to be one of the most effective. And, of course, stress can be detrimental to your gut flora and well-being. Away from stress, inadequate sleep can also put you at risk for inflammation. So, you may want to start having at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily for your gut’s sake.

Cut down on the sweet tooth

Sugar is yet another thing to reduce if you want to love your gut better. It’s bad enough that there is sugar in literally everything we eat (maybe not so bad because it’s needed for the brain); adding those extra sugars to satisfy your sweet tooth may just be doing more harm than good to your guts because a high amount of sugar can destroy the good bacteria of the gut and promote the bad ones.
Bonus tip

Eat healthily

What you eat and how you eat are very crucial to your guts. Therefore, you ought to be mindful of your diet. Because it must deal with everything, you eat. Foods like fruits, prebiotics, and probiotics help keep existing (good) bacteria needed for a healthy gut and introduce more beneficial bacteria to the gut.

Probiotics can come in supplements or be gotten from cheese and yoghurts. While prebiotics can be found in healthy carbs and vegetables.

Food is a basic necessity of life. Since your gut health is crucial to food metabolism, it is ideal for making an effort to love your gut better. These little adjustments will go a long way to protect your gut health and overall well-being.

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